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Hello Everyone.

I'm really excited to get this store open. It's been a long time coming. Check it out. If you like the Blues you'll get the Blues

I. have available now. CD's

1Sitting here singing the Blues


3.Bagwell and Pink


all for $15 plus $5 s&H

also my fathers' CD's are avail upon request.

Also my first DVD. Inside Little PINK

$40 plus $5 s&h

The Hubcity Music Makers Book $ 15 plus $5 s&h

There will be more in the not to distant future. Ckeck the contact page and get ingouch.

Have a great and blessed day

The Carolina Bluesman Blues shop,for blues lovers

Get More Great Deals at one of my other stores.

If I'm creating more that one store. I may want to explain that each store has its own page, and that visitors can go to the others by clicking on one of the links to the left.

My Name, You Friendly Store Owner/ Alvin "Little Pink" Anderson

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send me and email I would love to hear from you

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